Coast Guard stored Bombs on Hog Island

Coast Guard stored Bombs on Hog Island. Image provided by Historical Society of Pennsylvania
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Street Address
Hog Island
Date Created
June 1 1945
Note with photo reads: Safely stowed. Coast guard officer and enlisted men check the packing of 500-pound bombs in hold of American vessel ready to sail, May 24, from Hog Island, Army's loading terminal for high explosives. Coast Guard sees to it that bombs are wedged in tightly so they can't bump against each other in a stormy sea. Army is shutting down Hog Island, where 1,340,000 tons of explosives were loaded for Europe.
Contributing Institution
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Historical Society of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Record Photograph Collection (V7: 2780 /1917-1945/ Philadelphia- Hog Island)
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